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Dear ancestry. Never in my life have I found it harder to contact a co about a problem.

It's terrible to hear that you have more than a 30-minute wait to get through. Absolutely, with certainty, do I feel that you have failed to help your customers. I have had an issue with going on your site and not being able to work with the site because it was down or that it had issues. Now the tab button isn't working anymore.

I am just about to end my account. I pay a lot for the "privilege of using this site and it does not work. Who in their right mind would be held hostage to this kind of abuse! well I have been patient beyond belief and now I need you to fix these problems pronto or I will not keep paying good money for this.

If I cannot use this site, what good is it me? Daphne Chapman Holman

Product or Service Mentioned: Ancestry World Explorer Subscription.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'm totally frustrated with The problems are horrible!!!

Saving information to a family tree is getting more difficult due to the numerous error messages. Searching for information that you know is available, yet a message is received that zero information is found.

What's going on? Ancestry management needs to come clean with it's customers and put out a message explaining their issues.I can't recommend this site to anyone interested in genealogy and I have been a customer of Ancestry for over 10 years.

to sryther1 #1488404

I have belonged to Ancestry for almost 20 years and have never had the problems that I have been having using their site in the past months. I would like to withdraw my membership but have spent countless hours building my trees and have many thousands of names.

Everytime I edit a profile, the SAVE button doesn't work and keep getting the message that search feature isn't working. I have tried using 3 different browsers and have deleted my cookies in all 3 in their advanced settings as directed by Ancestry customer service.

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