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According to Ancestry dna, our daughter is not ours. Receiving info like that is a jolt.

I called them, and their rep said to compare cousins among us, and if we see no correlations, to call back and ask for our daughter to be retested.

She said getting approval would be difficult, but that maybe there was a glitch.

All this has done is cause us worry, when we know she is ours. To think a baby swap, accidently, or on purpose, happened at the hospital is too ridiculous to fathom.

So sorry we all did this dna test.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ancestry Dna Test Kit.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am a semi pro genealogist who has been building trees at Ancestry since tree building began, and I also have basic understanding of the X and Y chromosomes and DNA through my former career in the medical field. I have been managing my test, my Dad at 101 and my husband and more recently our granddaughter for the past few years - we all had the free autosomal transfer to FTDNA and I was tested at 23 & Me because I wanted to participate in their health research.

My Dad and I are 100% Jewish and articles at FTDNA by scientists explain the serious inaccuracies of the autosomal test for all of us. My own Dad tested as my 5th to 8th cousin with only moderate accuracy. My husband has no Jewish genes and has all Western European genes, so his 2nd and 3rd cousins of opposite sex tested more accurately. The FTDNA article about Jewish testing explains that the test only goes back 5 or six generations also.I wonder if people who are so upset about the inaccurate results have read the information provided by the testing company about the autosomal tests.

My family had an amazing match of a true 2nd cousin (but only on their grandfather's side because different grandmothers) who was born out of wedlock and is part Black which has to be on his Father's side, and his birth was hidden from the family. He is male and my Dad is male and the surname DNA is only carried on the Y chromosome. The true cousin and I don't match at all on or on 23 and Me where we were both tested. People have unrealistic expectations of the test and unrealistic expectations if they have American Indian ancestors even as close as a parent of the opposite sex.

The autosomal test cannot prove or does it even show American Indian ancestry as separate from European, as the anthropologists have studied the DNA of the earliest Indians in North America, and they came from European genetics. There are experts who have blogs at FTDNA and at GEDMatch who explain in videos and in articles the scientific facts about DNA testing.


Yes, I agree, that is horrible. I hope you can come to a resolution.

This may be a long shot but can you talk to your doctor and see if there is a way to double check dna?I am always a bit leery of sending dna to any place that claims to show your ancestry. And how are you supposed to compare cousins?

They should have offered a secondary test immediately. There is always the possibility of a legitimate mix up but that doesn't make it any better.Good luck but remember, the little one is yours to love always.


WOW! That is awful!

Hope you people get it straightened out. You could do another DNA with a different company. Then you would know for sure if there was some kind of hanky-panky going on in the hospital when she was born...... My heart goes out to you and your daughter and family.

She is yours no matter what the outcome may be. Good luck!

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