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Family tree

I have not been able to find the parents of William Wellard 1680-1738. Any help or hint would be greatly appreciated, I have searched Ancestry files but haven't come up with any documented proof.


Forgot activation code from the collection tube

forgot to enter the 15-digit activation code from the collection tube


Results haven't arrived even though they were sent in December 2017

Why has it taken five months to receive my results? Still waiting. John Roper



My research has led me to find all Germans in my ancestory search and yet my DNA came back 42% Germans and 37% Great Britain.

How is this possible when all the way back to 1490 is related to German ancestry????????

Waiting for a reply from you for this question.

Thank you.


Order cancellation within 24 hours from

I ordered 4 DNA test kits from on 12/19/17. Online.

I called to cancel my order on 12/20/17. I waited about 45 minutes for a representative. I spent another 30 minutes on the phone while she looked up my order. Then she had to see if it had been shipped.

I was told that it had not shipped and I would get a full refund within 3-5 days. I asked for a confirmation number of the cancellation and she said the order number I had from my email order confirmation would also be the confirmation number for cancellation to my email. I checked my email and received a shipping confirmation with a tracking number for scheduled delivery on 12/28. How do I avoid having to pay a 25.00 per kit fee for contamination and receive the full refund.

I've tried finding another number or email address to contact them but haven't been able to. Help please.


Activating code for Kit

Where and how to enter the 15-digit activation code for the Kit?



Didn't give permission for my card to be used need a refund



The Ancestry Account is registered to Donald Pickthall (husband) and we find we are unable to access the account as we have changes our Internet provider. We pay DD monthly but have not accessed the account for over a year, can you please help


World explorer

With this subscription do I have to pay for documents photo biography of ancestor


How does your sibling show up on DNA results? Your half sibling?

My husband's DNA results are confusing regarding a sibling. Please help us.

Thank You, Mrs.

John Wall aka: Mrs. Patricia Wall


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