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I ordered three of these Ancestry DNA kits for myself and my two daughters for Christmas. Seeing as their father was adopted, they were curious as to what their other half would be.

We all got our results and mine was not at all what I expected but it's DNA, how could they mess that up? Well, they did. My daughters both got their tests back and my oldest daughter came back with 55% English, 16% Europe West and 15% Europe East. My other daughter's came back 40% Scandinavia and 30% Europe West.

How can that be? They are full blooded sisters. They should have been similar. Do not buy a kit from this company.

How they can mess up DNA is beyond me. We waited a over two months to get our results and they're not even accurate!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ancestry Dna Test Kit.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Because DNA is a combination of 46 chromosomes RANDOMLY put together from both parents. This means more of one group of DNA can be present in one sibling and not another.

Meaning more from either parent. It’s not like making a cake where you put in x flour x eggs and bam cake. My brother and I both have the same parents and we both have different DNA batches.

I take more after my father so ended up with more Amerindian DNA where my brother takes after our mother who is Irish dominant. Just saying you can’t discount their service without doing some research yourself.

to Anonymous #1512676

Thank you for explaining that. I just joined Ancestry because I was adopted and am trying to find my family. I have a friend who is using it and is having a good experience.


I am concerned after finding out my VERY distant relatives do this gEneology and a woman matched her DNA with her being cousins but related to the blood line of my grandparents. They want to confirm this other woman is my sister.

That my father had another kid without knowing. How will we really know for sure?? I was told to submit a DNA kit and very much encouraged but then again there are discounts if the whole family is into it.

I am hoping Ancestry DNA isn’t a scam. I am beside myself on what to do.

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