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My grandmother (on my father's side) is a native american born and raised. I knew her and the tribe she belonged to.

She lived in a household and cooked and cleaned for another race of people and took their name. I am aware of her true name as a native american, but Gulley was her married name and their family receive it from the past slave owner. I don't think you got my roots correctly because nothing had native american. And to add more concern my father on my mother's side half Blackfoot.

I am now wondering if the people who are considered African Americans your company just places them into a percentage with the Nigerians and Congo heritage. My family history is on your website and unfortunately you did not acknowledge my heritage correctly. I understand siblings can have more or less in each race but you did not come close to at least a large percentage of my heritage. I look the part and I don't mind my heritage but this has made me believe if their is some African American you just call it the Nigerian Congo stamp.

If this is so I have wasted $88. An unbeliever in AncestryDNA Cheryl Gulley

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i believe that its morally wrong to make money off dead peoples family. maybe you can have a business that takes peoples money legally, but you dont let strangers into your home to see photos of your family.

why trust in a company that dont even let the public see who works for them.why put your trust into a company that gona charge "YOU' for the info you put out there? wake up people!


From my understanding, if you send them a DNA sample, it becomes their property. They can clone you if they wish, you end up signing over to them your entire, complete make-up for life. Pretty scary thought.

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