Ancestry.com has arranged to dominate most family record services. We even have to pay for access to government data such as the census. I used to get all kinds of family information online. Now, most of the time when I find a promising source, I have to pay Ancestry to access it.

Why is this allowed? Federal Government and even the local library services have been corrupted. You must pay to research your family history.

Someone like Consumer Reports should investigate and report what has happened and if it is legal. Shouldn't data like the census be available to all free of charge?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ancestry Genealogy Record.

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I agree with you. Took me 15 years to do my website now Cant get into it to edit.

Its not even on line.

I dont live in usa. What can I do about it.


Do you think it is allowed because the people behind this giant cannibalistic website are giant tax-exempt churches with their rich lawyers? Wouldn't others be involved with a giant class-action lawsuit if they did these things to the populace (after a lengthy delay, of course - there has to be time for the legal profession to make sure they profit).


Yes, they have taken over the genealogy sites and ruined the enjoyment for so many, plus the identity theft and other serious crimes this web site is now causing. They have recently taken over (merged, it is being called) one that I joined as a way to try and keep their nonsense to a lesser degree - but now ancestry is running so many ads there you can barely use it.

Now the newer versions of software have a one-click upload to add gedcoms to ancestry from the software - I find it truly offensive, and dangerous, that we pay taxes for the keeping of records, which are then being sold to all these companies which the government is allowing to rip us off further. This is not the freedom of speech for which our ancestors fought.

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