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My results came back 60% Italian with some Slovenia about 30%. This is fairly accurate to what I already knew about my history.

We have an in-depth family geological tree that traces back to columbus’ time. So my update now says 19% Italian and 45% Russian? None of my low probabilities ever mentioned Russian! And this is utterly impossible.

Some huge mix up somewhere. I called them but no one really has an answer. I’m very disappointed and want my money back.

We have always used our heritage as a tool for our children to understand our backgrounds and I get updated info that cannot possibly be even close to correct. A small percentage change maybe; but not a 360 degree flip....

Product or Service Mentioned: Ancestry Dna Test Kit.

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Made my Italian ancestry disappear after dna update. Paternal grandfather from Italy so can’t understand that.

How does dna disappear ? Also said I was German and I’m not.


I really like, at least they don't have the SHOUTHING genealogist match, who also bully and shout at everyone who they think are wrong, and that they ( so self-righteous) are the only right ones because they are some kind of ridiculous, superior genealogist for the site ( LIKE ON FAMILY SEARCH) and who also like to change everyones century's old genealogy history because they do not have proof of some centuries old genealogy work! whoooa!

It really creeps me out with some of these unstable, yelling, loudmouth genealogy people, who think they are all know and continually change old family records.

Some of these people need to get some serious help for their twisted attitudes and get a life as well.... Just saying!

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