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I have been a very involved Ancestry paid user for many years and have enjoyed my genealogy obsession. But, several months ago, Ancestry was under construction to make changes and "upgrades" in the way the website functioned....

I must say, if the software designers and webmasters and gurus were trying to slow down the processing time for us users of the expensive website... they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams - I hate using now - it takes forever for the site to respond to a command.

Very sad and very frustrating for such an expensive program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please put the software back the way it was when it worked properly and speedily for us out here in the real world.

Bill Bush

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I also have been a long time customer of Today is the end of that relationship.

My problem has been with the hints. I just can't get rid of them! I go through the hints one by one. Awhile back I had ALL the hints taken care of.

The next day I went back into my family file and low and behold I had 500 new hints! Go back through the process of looking at every one of the hints. Back to zero hints. Again the next day I am back to 812 hints!!

Today I have 1512!! I have had it!! I did find that many of the hints are duplicates of hints I had already applied way back when. You can't delete the duplicated hint you can only ignore it.

I think the whole IT department has gone brain dead! If you can't fix it so the program works correctly put the program back to the way it was before the so called enhancements. Now to get my money back from Ancestry for my membership of $299.00. Wish me luck.

Has anyone out there found another ancestry program to use? I am trying My Heritage not sure if I like it.


I also find the website at the moment very frustrating & slow. My preference when searching is for categories & not records with 50 items per page & not 20. This is changed every time I move from one category to another, Most annoying.

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