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I have had two experiences with Ancestry.Com and both were abysmal to the point of fraudulent. The first was a family tree.

I wanted information on my father's family. Not only was there no information on his family, there was no information on my father: no records on his siblings [there are seven], or his parents, and (most astonishing) nothing on his military service. I was fortunate to receive a refund. Later they began the DNA testing.

WIth so much advertising, I thought this time would be different. It was even worse. I am a mixed-race individual with African, Native American and European ancestry. The results were 51% British and 49% African.

No mention of Native American, which is on my mother's side where there is documentation. I haven't been able to reach anyone at and continue to see these ads. I now know I am not the only person victimized by this scam nor is this a victimless crime. Beyond the money, there is an emotional cost.

At a time when racial polarization is reappearing, more people look to see themselves beyond legal definition of race and "one drop" categorization.

We all deserve to learn as much as we can about our heritage and this is a travesty that should be stopped. I have no idea how to proceed but if anyone is interested, please post a response or start a blog or send suggestions to

Review about: Ancestry Dna Blood Test.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $99.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: False information.

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I totally agree, they make people believe that these tests are accurate when they are not. They are in the middle of a lawsuit already for patent infringement and false advertisement.

What these tests have done to my family and my 80 year old Mother is inexcusable. I my self do not believe in these tests. For one the labs are not validated so no one knows if they are accurate and pretty sure they aren't. It is not possible to know if you Dad is your Dad if he or his Brothers, Dad or Son's is not in the system.

I haven't got the full story because I haven't been able to see the results they have made them private, but I am pretty sure my sister was told she has a probable father which she has come up with names and has devastated my Mother, but she is the only one that looks like my Dad. It's ridiculous. I am so pissed at the heart breaks it has caused my Mother just after loosing my Dad. What a bunch of heartless people making millions of dollars with there false advertisements.

As far as African goes or where your ancestors come from. They can only know in today's world that being said, the British have been for years settled in Africa, ancestors might be there but they are not African they are British. As far as the rest goes it depends on accuracy and who is in the system, meaning for instance how many people in the system are Native American if any I have seen this many times where families were Native American but have nothing on test results, what is that all about? Also Women can only be matched with other Women not where the fathers history is from unless the Father is in the system and they use family tree's.

My Mother is no doubt 100% British the only person she never met was her Great Great Grandmother possibly 3rd Great don't have it in front of me, who was brought to the United States from England by Joseph Smith and my Mother was named after her, documents prove that. Every one else was from England which documents prove clear back to the 16OO's.

So no they are not 99% accurate. This has been a horrible nightmare and I am pissed off.


They often keep charging people after cancelled membership and refuse to address the issue with the customer.


Ancestry 34% English only because it's in the bubble with Germany to which over 450 years of written history exists. Ancestry promoting WWII propaganda of the victors which includes saying < 1% Jewish and scandinavian which ancestry will say is pretty common among everyone alive in their popularity contest to please their hedge fund masters.

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