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Where is the rootsweb freepages websites now. Is it still online under a different name?

Why cant I get into it. 1000s of people made these websites in good faith to help others with tracing their family historys, it took some people many years to do them. Where are these websites now. What sort of scam is this.

Is it all about getting money off unsuspecting hard working people.

Rootsweb dosent exsist now " WHY" Anyone who is trying to find out whats going on is told THEY ARE NOT LOGGING ON, or that there is somethin WRONG WITH THE ROOTSWEB SITE. Almost every genealogy site has been taken over by you people not just rootsweb.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ancestry Website.

Reason of review: Dishonesty.

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I"m also more than upset on how the greedy ancestry business took over ALL of the good free genealogy search sites! Why was that allowed by Rootsweb and others?

What a shame.

I guess when genealogy research became more popular and grew- ancestry wanted to take over all of them and became filthy rich....what a shame. ~Rose R.


I agree it's awful now. AWFUL!!!! WHERE did our research go????


My cousin and I worked for a decade to create a rich, comprehensive family history with documents, oral history, hundreds of photos and links. It was available to everyone and people wrote to us for years.

Gone and never to return? Ancestry is incompetent. Or greedy bastards.

Or both. Beyond Pissed.


I started doing my genealogy because I wanted to ha e an insight to my ancestry. I cannot afford to pay a subscription fee, so I rely on the free sites.

I am highly upset that I am now going to place my research on hold..

Shame on you ancestry. Not everyone can afford to pay.


So many wonderful serious genealogist spent hours organizing their info to share with others for free. It seems to me it must be some kind of plagerism if ancestry takes this info to now charge and make money for themselves.

What a rip off.Over the years I have found great information about my ancestors on rootsweb. It is all but gone now into ancestry outer space!


There was so much information on Rootsweb and now nothing. I was able about 6 weeks ago to access some information from Rootsweb but then it disappeared within about a week.I want to access some of the information that people posted on Rootsweb as it sure is not on Ancestry.com


It was announced in December, 2017 that Rootsweb suffered a databreach (i.e. they website was hacked and the names and email addresses of 300,000 were learned) and has been offline since, while they attempt to bring everything back online in stages, but only after ensuring the issue does not happen again for each area of the web site.


Fake news!


It appears that all the nice free sites are no longer free. Ancestry has taken over all of the sites that have anything to do with genealogy research.

Talk about having a monopoly, Ancestry now has 100% hold on all the sites and nothing with them is free! What a crying shame.

@Kimberly K

Absolutely agree! I call B***S***!!


In the world of computer speed........it is totally unacceptable that Rootsweb Freepage support is STILL saying..........we are working on it........it's been months!! If you aren't going to fix Freepages, please, at least let us know so we can find another way to publish our research pages. Don't leave us hanging.

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