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My Issues with Ancestry continue. Makiev now administrates service to FTM2014.1 and I continue to use Ancestry till the end of the year and then I plan to use another desktop software. I have written Ancestry off as a total loss. Ancestry wait time is more then 45 min. and they rudely and quickly hang up. Ancestry still is sending corrupt - bad data and very quickly mess up a tree making me look like a irresponsible family historian. At...
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I didn't like
  • Ftm-ancestry never worked
#889066 This is an automated email, please do not respond. Customer (Fred Kramer) (06/26/2016 08:35 PM) Please respond!!EmojiEmoji Around and around we go and where it stops no one knows? I have uplinked my trees several times. It does not resolve the problems. After unlinking my tree, working in a test tree, and working on my tree on Ancestry. I find that almost all ways it is after I sync work on Ancestry and new data...
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I didn't like
  • Ftm never worked and dna lies
  • Practically everything in the new ancestry