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I had my DNA results done by ancestry, and came back with 100% European, which is a bunch of hooey! I have ancestors on the Dawes role and many generations after that going back to 1700's and longer.

Also, tribal affiliation and blood quantum, and they told me that often it the NA DNA doesn't pass to the individual. Well, I look just like my great grandmother who walked the "Trail of Tears", even have her hair, and the say I have no NA DNA. They are scamming everyone and telling people things about their ancestry, which is s. Try personal matter, that simply aren't true and changing their perspective about who they think they are.

Shame on them!!!! Don't waste your money!!!!

Review about: Ancestry Genealogy Record.

Reason of review: Not as described.

I liked: International records.

I didn't like: Total scam.

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They are a scam

While they told me I am 76% Scot, which I already knew about (my surname is Adams)

they TOTALLY ignored my maternal side who all came from Switzerland (I am third


When I addressed it with them they never replied.

They had my $$$$$, that was all they cared about I suspect rest are scam artists too.......I LOL now when I see some pathetic soul say "Boy, I never knew I was 25% native American" You aren't lady, your spit test was just thrown against a wall and dropped off by mail to you


Ancestry cannot test for Native American DNA. I believe it says in the FAQs. There are very few tests for Native DNA, they don't have a large enough sample database to test against.


had two dna test done by two individual dna groups. One said I am all European and good old ancestries says I am 50 % African and 30% NA.

What the H#ll! I Have blue eyes with blond hair and come from Europe.

to Diane #1352909

Next time do research on where you're buying DNA tests from to see if the company is reputable or not. Diane probably tested with Ancestry-By-DNA which is NOT the same company as Ancestry dot com. Ancestry dot com, 23andMe, and Family Tree DNA do not make mistakes of the severe magnitude Diane referred to and all 3 of those companies do a very good job of identifying Amerindian DNA when it actually exists in a person's genes.

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